Insight into Teacher Training with The Sheffield SCITT

"Making education fun. I love my subject. Passing on that passion to other students".

Elizabeth Green, Secondary trainee at The Sheffield SCITT

The Sheffield SCITT have interviewed one of our secondary trainees Elizabeth Green. We asked her all about her experience of training with The Sheffield SCITT, this video was filmed half way through her training year. 

If you are considering teacher training with us or other providers, this is a really good interview to listen to, it will provide you with a balanced insight of what is involved and what will be expected of you throughout the training year. Getting to speak to a trainee or a NQT is extremely beneficial to help you make a decision about the right route in to teaching for you.

Here at The Sheffield SCITT, we regularly run Open Afternoons for both primary and secondary training. Click here to find out when the next one is happening.



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