The Sheffield SCITT operates a school based initial teacher training route. This means that most of your time will be spent in school, learning on the job with support from outstanding serving teachers. You will experience two alternative and contrasting school placements. This is key to your training as you can see two different schools and how they operate. Although most of your week will be spent in the classroom with pupils you will have one day of training per week. During this training day you will be given top tips and latest research on how children learn. We cover all aspects of training, starting with how to walk and talk like a teacher. During your training year you will also have the opportunity to study with the University of Hull for a PGCE in Secondary Education (PGCSE) or a PGCE in Primary Education (PGCPE).

Primary Training

The Sheffield SCITT Primary ITT is led and managed by St Catherine's Sheffield. The Head Teacher Fiona Rigby is the Primary Lead for the Sheffield SCITT Primary course. As well as being instrumental in the development of the course Fiona has an extensive history in training and supporting trainees.

The Sheffield SCITT Primary

Secondary Training

The Secondary training is led and managed by Notre Dame High School Sheffield. Notre Dame has a rich history in training teachers. Jenna McGee leads the secondary training package. Jenna has been with the SCITT since its inception. Jenna has a wealth of experience in training teachers and early career training.

Secondary Initial Teacher Training Sheffield SCITT

Hub Days

As part of your training package. One day per week will be spent at your lead school. For example if you're a secondary trainee in Sheffield you will go to Notre Dame every Wednesday. There you will receive training on all aspects of teaching and learning. The very next day you get to go back into schools to try our your new skills. Primary trainees - you will also have one day out per week and you will go to St Catherine's to receive your expert led training.

Sheffield SCITT Hub Day

University PGCE

During your training year we also encourage you to study towards a PGCE in Secondary Education (PGCSE) or a PGCE in Primary Education (PGCPE). This means that in your ITT year you will receive a minimum of 3 days face to face tuition in teaching and learning from University of Hull staff. This will be delivered at one of our venues in Sheffield. There will be additional support from University of Hull staff throughout the year.  

Sheffield SCITT PGCert

SCITT Policies

Core to training with The Sheffield SCITT is ensuring that all trainees know what is expected of them and what they can expect from us. That extends beyond our course content and method of delivery. It also informs our mentoring, assessment and quality assurance. Our aim is to ensure, no matter which route you take with us, that all our trainees receive the same experience.

A key part of ensuring this happens are our policies. These policies apply to all trainees who take our course, regardless of where they are placed or which route they have chosen. 

Sheffield SCITT Policies