Robert Croft - Primary SCITT trainee 2019/2020

The mentors, class teachers, Mercia Learning Alliance and The Sheffield SCITT were fantastic and super supportive.


Robert Croft, Primary trainee reflects on his training year with The Sheffield SCITT

We had the opportunity to interview Robert Croft about his experience of training with The Sheffield SCITT.


Robert, has successfully secured his first teaching job at Morley Place Academy, Conisborough as a year 3 Class Teacher.


Any highlights from the year?

On my last day during assembly at my Year 1 placement the children had given me a present and made me a card with pictures from them all. This moment was really nice and enforced why I had chosen to change careers and get into teaching, which was to make a difference to young people’s lives.



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I would highly recommend training to teach with Mercia Learning Alliance and The Sheffield SCITT, you are supported in every step of the process and the mentors are extremely knowledgeable and ensure you have everything you need through every step of the process.

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Did you feel well supported throughout the training?

The mentors, class teachers, Mercia Learning Alliance and The Sheffield SCITT were fantastic and super supportive. Throughout the whole year I always felt like there was always somebody I could talk to, if I needed.


What have learnt about yourself during your training?

Throughout my whole training process, I have really found that I am more resilient that I thought I was. There are definitely difficult parts to the year, but I am a lot stronger and more equipped than I thought I would be.


What would a typical day of your training entail?

My typical day starts at 7:30am when I get to into my home school and I meet my mentor teacher in the classroom. We go through the day’s lessons and print out all the resources that we need. At 8:30am it is time for a whole school staff briefing and then at 8:50am it is time to go and get my Year 4 class. When I am delivering lessons, my mentor is always there to provide that support, reassurance and instant feedback which has allowed me to develop so fast as a teacher. AT 3:15pm it is time to send the children home, this is great as it allows me to meet the parents and provide them with any feedback that I need to, this really makes me feel like a teacher. After school it is time to reflect on the day and gain anymore feedback from my class mentor. After this, it is then onto school CPD sessions. That’s the great thing about training with The Sheffield SCITT you are in the school environment from day 1 so you become part of the staff and are really made to feel as one of the school teaching team.


How did the SCITT help to prepare you for life as a teacher?

The subject and teaching knowledge I have gained from The Sheffield SCITT hub session ensured that when it came to apply for jobs, I was in the best possible position I could be. I was extremely confident through the whole interview process and I am confident and ready to go into my NQT year knowing I have had the best possible training I could have wished for.


Final piece of advice for any trainees?

For any future trainee teachers, I would say the workload might get too much and there is definitely pinch points to the year but you can do it and there is always that support there from The Sheffield SCITT, your mentors and school staff. It is important though to take a break, go for a walk and meet friends, you deserve it! Also, the training year goes so fast, so make the most of every training session you get offered, feedback from people and the whole experience.